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July 17, 2024

Grain Monitor's Weekly Report:

The Performance Update for Grain Week 49 is now available. This report provides a snapshot of some current operational measures for the Western GHTS. These include stock levels, rail car allocation plans, port unloads, port shipments and vessel lineups.

June 28, 2023

Grain Monitor's 2022-23 Annual Report is posted

The Grain Monitor’s 2022-2023 Crop year Annual Report was posted today on the Grain Monitor website. This includes the full set of data tables for the 2022-2023 Crop year.

You will find the complete history of GMP submissions as well as a selection of presentations and papers on this website. Click Reports above to access the listings.

As always, we welcome all input from industry stakeholders. Should you have any questions or comments, please feel free to call or contact us.

June 25, 2024

May 2024 Report (2023-24 Crop Year):

The May 2024 report from the Grain Monitor for the 2023-24 crop year and the accompanying Data Tables are now available.

As always, we welcome and encourage our readers’ questions, comments, and feedback.

Please click on the “get the latest reports” button to access the May 2024 report .

The GMP Monthly Reports are accessible here on the Grain Monitor’s website (www.grainmonitor.ca) . Annual Reports will continue to be produced and published to this website. Production of Quarterly Reports has been discontinued, although the Data Tables continue to include a quarterly aggregation for each measure.

May 22, 2019

GMODS added to the Grain Monitor Website

Quorum has developed a WEB application that will make it easier for stakeholders to access select Grain Monitoring Program data through an open data source on the Grain Monitor’s website. The Grain Monitor Open Data System (GMODS) can be accessed by clicking on the GMODS tab in the top menu bar on the home page at www.grainmonitor.ca. Data selection is grouped by the six categories in the GMP. Users can select the desired measure, time frame, applicable geography and/or commodity. The system also allows for the downloading of the data into a “comma separated value” file (.csv) that will allow the user to manage the data for their own purposes, in the program of their choice. The GMODS database will be updated monthly in conjunction with the release of the Monthly Report. The GMP will also continue to publish the Data Tables containing all GMP data in Excel format on our website monthly.

We would like to acknowledge the ongoing support and participation given by industry stakeholders to the Grain Monitoring Program. There are many organizations and individuals who provide ongoing input, information and advice and in many cases also provide supporting data for analysis and assessment.

Access to the Grain Monitoring Data Tables

The GMP's foundation remains the data received from industry stakeholders. The measures derived from this data will be published on our website monthly. These will continue to be provided in Excel format using the same table series that has become familiar to those using the data.

Access to past editions and historical data

Past editions of the GMP Reports, Data Tables, Supplemental Studies and Papers will continue to be accessible here.

We hope you find this new format and information useful. As always, questions and comments regarding the measures and data are welcomed by the Quorum staff.