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Monitoring Team

The Grain Monitoring team is comprised of three principal individuals:

  • Mark Hemmes, President of Quorum Corporation - as the team leader Mark has an extensive background in the area of grain transportation. During his 21 years with the rail industry, he has held a variety of senior positions in the field of marketing and transportation, and is well versed in the wider issues faced in improving the competitiveness of Canada's GHTS.

    Email Mark at: mhemmes@quorumcorp.net

  • Bruce McFadden, Director of Research and Analysis - Grain Industry Section, Bruce brings a comprehensive understanding of grain logistics from his 12 years at the Grain Transportation Agency in Winnipeg.

    Email Bruce at: bmcfadden@quorumcorp.net

  • Marcel Beaulieu, Director of Research and Analysis - Rail Industry Section, brings over 20 years of transportation experience from his time within the rail industry, and as an independent industry consultant.

    Email Marcel at: mbeaulieu@quorumcorp.net


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