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The Grain Monitor posts the Performance Update for the western GHTS each Wednesday. It includes the most recent operational statistics and a summary of the status of the GHTS.

Starting with Week 17, a new section in the weekly report shows the past two weeks weather and the forecast for the next 7 days. The winter climate has often had an impact on the performance of the Western Canadian Grain Handling and Transportation System, most particularly cold and snow on the prairies and rainfall at the ports. The purpose of this section is to report on the climate effects on operational matters and the potential impacts it could have over the upcoming week. We plan to continue publishing this section through the winter months.

Grain Monitor's February 2018 Monthly Report Released

The Grain Monitor’s report for February 2018 Monthly with associated monthly and crop-year-to-date statistics is now available. The accompanying Data Tables provide a complete presentation of these statistics.

Grain Monitor's 2016-17 Annual Report has been released

The Grain Monitor's Annual Report for the 2016-17 crop year has been posted on the Grain Monitor's website.

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